johnny yagen

Johnny Yagen was EFP Junior vice Worldchampion 2013 and will participate this year for the first time in the EFPT – the European Freestyle Professional Tour with events in France, Spain, Netherlands, Croatia and Greece.

DAVNIS Sports is supporting Johnny Yagen on a pro-bono (no commissions applicable) basis trying to raise sponsorship funds that will empower him to participate on the Pro Tour.

As an Israeli athlete competing in a non-olympic discipline, he is delivering world-class results – and this without any funding or support for travel costs or material.

We do hope we can find the right partners that see a value and passion as we much as we do and help Johnny to cover his travel costs for this season.

What we can contribute in return? Great branded content of action pictures branded with your companies logo to be utilized on social media and your website.

A great opportunity to show your „good corporate citizenship“ and „corporate social responsibility“ and a great and efficient way to hit the young, action sports minded target group.



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