In a modern media environment that’s rapidly changing and diversifying, one thing remains unchanged: sport, in particular football, is at top of consumer’s preferred watching list, and is the most watched media content all over the world.

This demonstrates the unique and enduring importance of sports, especially football, for any broadcasting platform wishing to attract and increase viewership, and for consumer brands seeking to reach their customers and to emotionalize their brand.

As technology becomes more sophisticated, consumers have a choice of platform for watching content: classical TV, internet and mobile. And they are watching it in different ways: live, delayed or recorded, on-demand or even just highlights and clips. One result of this: an increase in the consumer’s ability to avoid advertising.

However, you cannot avoid advertising during a football match or any other sports event. It’s on the sports kit and the infrastructure; it’s integrated into the viewing experience. That’s why sports has paramount importance both for advertisers and broadcasters.

DAVNIS Sports support all industry players in achieving their business goals.

We help:

– Clubs and Federations to attract high profile sponsors → Sponsorship Sales
– Consumer brands to find the right sponsorship → Sponsorship Consultancy
– Media Rights owners to increase income from media → TV and Media Rights Sales
– Israeli Sports Tech Start ups and established companies and brands with business development → Sports Tech

Sponsorship Sales

commercial revenues

If less than 33% of your overall revenue is coming from sponsorship, your club or federation likely has undiscovered commercial potential.

Sponsorship is one of the most essential and reliable revenue sources for any sports organization. Attracting strong commercial partners helps to build your brand recognition, increasing sales and driving fan engagement.

To be attractive to sponsors and commercial partners, a club or federation requires a professional sponsorship concept that provides a clear own brand story and relevant brand exposure for the sponsor. Most clubs and federations already fail at this point, because they are unable to tell their story in a way that distinguishes them from other clubs.

DAVNIS Sports‘ experienced team speaks the sponsor’s marketing language, and understands business and marketing needs from the sponsor’s perspective. This expertise, along with our in-depth knowledge of the competitive sponsorship environment gives us a crucial advantage: we know how to close the deal.

As Israel’s leading agency, DAVNIS Sports has extensive international experience and an impressive and unmet track record in securing high profile sponsorships. We are a reliable partner for clubs and federations aiming to boost their income from sponsorship.

Sponsorship Consultancy

Vector Soccer Tactics Blackboard

Sponsorship is among the most powerful marketing and communication tools for any brand.

Effectively used, it has the potential to secure steady brand exposure, emotionalize the brand, increase brand awareness and ultimately to drive sales.

A brand that wants to harness the power of sponsorship as a contributor to its business goals needs to:

  • Make any sponsorship project measureable in terms of success
  • Utilize manifold key performance indicators: e.g. increased brand awareness, more followers on social media, new client leads, or change of brand values and attributes
  • Find a sponsorship project that provides a true brand fit and which appears authentic
  • Secure meaningful and well designed sponsorship packages with rights and activities that have substance
  • Pay only a fair, reasonable and market-custom license fee
  • Activate and embed the sponsorship into its overall brand marketing communication, which maintains focus on the return of investment

DAVNIS Sports has unique, award-winning international experience in developing successful sponsorship strategies for brands. We negotiate reasonable license fees and help to create meaningful marketing activation concepts.

Our expert consultancy can help to save relevant budgets when acquiring sponsorship, and to achieve your concrete business targets – within Israel or across Europe.

Media Rights

TV Camera on the football (soccer) mach

Media rights are becoming increasingly important for clubs and federations. Successfully marketing either classical TV rights or social media/digital media rights can help achieve a number of key goals:

  • maximising commercial revenue
  • increasing audience reach
  • building brand awareness
  • expanding sponsorship exposure
  • driving fan engagement

Navigating the changing price benchmarks and other complexities of this industry requires expertise. To market a club, federation or league’s media rights effectively demands in-depth knowledge of the general media environment, and long-term experience of a wide range of market circumstances. Being able to accurately assess the right timing for sales is another crucial factor.

In a field of business where experts are indispensable, DAVNIS Sports delivers the required industry and market knowledge. We provide international sales consulting for clubs, federations and leagues who seek to maximise commercial revenues from their media rights.

In Israel, Europe and around the world, DAVNIS Sports is an expert in media rights sales – on TV, and on digital and social platforms.

Sports Tech

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In addition to professional sports marketing, DAVNIS Sports provides consultancy services for Israeli sports tech companies with business development into European markets, with a strong focus on the German speaking countries. Our consultancy clients include both start-ups and established brands.

DAVNIS Sports Managing Director Dirk Schluenz is a fluent German speaker who has lived in Germany for more than 30 years. DAVNIS Sports has relevant knowledge of all aspects of the German market, and can draw on an extensive network of contacts to all major stakeholders in the professional sports industry.

Combining a European mindset with an Israeli approach, DAVNIS Sports is a trustworthy, culturally sensitive partner at your side on your journey to Europe.

Our services include:

  • Intermediating contacts to sports agencies, clubs, federations and leagues
  • Setting up sales forces
  • Finding commercial partners and suppliers e.g. advertising and PR agencies, local distributers, media cooperation, legal and accounting/tax advisors
  • Recruitment of human resources
  • Creating business partnerships
  • Intercultural consultancy
  • Contractual negotiations in German
  • Support with paperwork, formalities and authorities