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  • Sponsorship sales
  • Sponsorship consultancy
  • TV and Media rights sales


  • Business and market development principally in German-speaking Europe

Our Expertises

commercial revenues

If less than 33% of your revenue is coming from sponsorship, your club or federation likely has undiscovered commercial potential.

Sponsorship is one of the most essential and reliable revenue sources for any sports organisation. Attracting strong commercial partners helps to build your brand recognition, increasing sales and driving fan engagement. Read more

Vector Soccer Tactics Blackboard

Sponsorship is among the most powerful marketing and communication tools for any brand.

Effectively used, it has the potential to secure steady brand exposure, emotionalize the brand, increase brand awareness and ultimately to drive sales. Read more.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-24 um 22.49.32Media rights are becoming increasingly important for clubs and federations. Successfully marketing either classical TV rights or social media/digital media rights can help achieve a number of key goals. Read more.

In addition to professional sports marketing, DAVNIS Sports provides consultancy services for Israeli sports tech companies with business development into European markets, with a strong focus on the German speaking countries. Our consultancy clients include both start-ups and established brands. Read more.


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